1 day in Kiev

Ukraina - 1.7.2018 19:20

At first I was wondering why we needed to go through passport control when leaving Brussels in the morning. Even when we arrived in Ukraine I happily kept my mobile data on. I knew they didn’t use the Euro but not every EU country does anyway. Wait a second, we had to go through passport control again and this time we got our passports stamped. Hey, Ukraine isn’t part of the EU? I found out while enjoying my mobile data, which was soon turned off.

It was rather easy to get to down town Kiev from the airport. The tourist info at the airport was very friendly, as were other people we met while in Ukraine. We took the skybuss from the airport to Kharviska (or something) for 2€ and then a metro to Zoloty Vorota for 30cents. All in all it took about an hour and the busses and metros are frequent.

In Kiev we saw a mixture of old and new, local and international. There are some really trendy cafes run by young local people. We had an amazing breakfast at the Blue Cup, where staff was very friendly and spoke English. Common to a previously Soviet country, there are impressive monuments and buildings around. We visited them at the Maidan square where there is the monument of independence. That is also the place where a well known demonstration took place in 2013, where the people protested the president from moving politically closer to Russia than the EU. Since, the president was changed and Ukraine is taking steps towards becoming an EU member.

Perhaps the most impressive in Kiev were the numerous big churches. We visited the nice and shiny bright blue St Michael’s church, St Andrew’s church in front of which they were filming an episode of Ukrainien Masterchef, and the iconic St Sophia’s Cathedral and its Bell tower.

Kiev and its people were nice, and definitely worth the visit if you have a long stop over. Especially the food and service we had in the couple of cafes we stayed was really good, and put us on a good mood!

St Michael  Master Chef at St Andrew  St Sophia Golden Gates  Maidan 

Last days before the take off to the World Tour

Before and after Paris we also had good times in around Belgium and the Netherlands. This included our fourth wedding celebration (civil and church wedding parties in Switzerland, party in Finland and now in Belgium), not the celebration of our fourth wedding but the fourth celebration of our wedding..! We entertained a crowd of some 30+ people with a grande dessert buffet, photoshoot, videoshows, there was even a great speech, and we did some dancing too. It was a fun event and at least by now I have the approval of my wife’s friends and family, I hope, since I met most of them this time.

The next day after the wedding celebration we were invited by Deb’s Pakistani friends for a brunch. I love these people. I met them at Christmas too. They are so warm and welcoming, I almost feel part of their family too. We had a great breakfast together and the whole big family was there. After the breakfast we continued to a huge playground/open air museum in Bokrijk where we enjoyed the swings and climbing like we were children again. But we went there for Deb’s goddaughter, right. It was also good fun trying out old school toys and games and see the typical life style of the people living there from the 17th century.

Another highlight was to go and watch the World Cup game between Belgium and England. I had never been to an outdoor event where hundreds of people are gathered like that to watch a game and support their team, it was a great atmosphere, and even better since Belgium won! We went there together with Deb’s (and now mine too, hehe) friends Gio, Aliya and Sharon.

We also did a one day visit to nearby Maastricht in Holland. It was a nice lively town with the Maas river running through it. They had turned an old church into a book store because they had too many churches in that area. It was an interesting concept but I wasn’t used to it. Crossing the border from Belgium to Holland was simple. I didn’t even see a border but the road signs were different so that’s how we knew.

Time in Belgium flew by! We had a really nice time there with Deb’s family, they took such good care of us. We were able to relax by going to the movies twice, barbecuing, watching football and sleeping well!

Now, however, the intercontinental travel begins. We will head out to Thailand after spending a stop over day in Kiev first. We’ll keep you posted!

Finally, here’s a video Deb made of our time in and around Belgium: https://vimeo.com/278255784

Password: 1205

 The crew of the fourth wedding party Meet Gio, the dance choreographer Arisha, Deb's Goddaughter Swinging with Arisha Bokrijk Belgium-England, 1-0! RailbikingBeertasting at Leffe BBQ   Farewell breakfast in Hasselt

2 days in Paris

Ranska - 29.6.2018 16:25

I was positively surprised! I had never visited Paris before, neither other big cities in general, but Paris I really liked for the two days we spent there. I think I prefer it over London as well. I was surprised how much space there was in the city, big parks and squares, lots of places to sit down and people-watch. There was so much life, we just enjoyed sitting outside on a café terrace and seeing what was going around. Or we could take a seat in one of the beautiful parks and sit by a fountain. In the era of hypermarkets, I enjoyed the numerous little stores everywhere. And there was a lot of art on display as well.

Going to Paris was convenient, just a one hour train ride from Brussels. I was impressed by the smooth train ride even in 300km/h! Trains are a great way of transportation, but there are often strikes as well, which makes it a bit unreliable, at least when comparing to Finland or Switzerland. We were lucky since the strike in France was a day after our trip and the strike in Belgium was two days after we came back.

My wife had made an excellent itinerary for our 2-day-visit. At first we went up to Sacré Coeur, which is a beautiful church on top of a hill. We went all the way up to the dome of the church, from where we could see the whole city, including the Eiffel tower. One thing that made it such a memorable time was also the weather, which was sunny and hot both days.

From Sacré Coeur we continued to the artsy market place of Place du Tertre at Montmart, where many artist make and display their work. We had our first Paris café experience at the Deux Moulins café, known from the French movie Amélie. We moved around Paris by foot and metro. During the 2 days we walked more than 50,000 steps!

After the coffee we took a metro to Concorde, from where we walked to see Champs-Elysées and the Arc of Triumph. The symmetric straight line from the Arc continues all the way to the Louvre, and walking to Louvre we went through Garden of Tuileries, which had nice fountains and lots of green areas. We didn’t go into Louvre because of the large crowds, but it looked nice from the outside as well. However, in the garden of Tuileries we went into the Claude Monet (Orangerie) museum, which was interesting and didn’t take too long, just less than an hour, and didn’t have so many visitors.

Our next stop was at Notre Dame, but we didn’t go in because of the long queue. We continued to walk around and had a nice coffee at Odette, nearby Notre Dame. Some of the tips for our visit were from our colleagues at Medair who had either lived or visited Paris before. We managed to see a lot and avoid losing time in big tourist crowds. From Notre Dame we walked along the river to the Lovers’ Bridge. The bridge used to be filled with locks, completely, but for some reason the locks had been removed (maybe it became too heavy!) and the bridge sides were made from glass now so it wasn’t possible to put locks on it anymore. But it was a nice place to look at the river and the river boats. The island on which the Notre Dame is located also looked nice from the bridge, as the two rivers that went around it became one again.

We continued to another park, called the Garden of Luxembourg, in which the Palace of Luxembourg, now the meeting place for the French Senate, is located. It was beautiful, big and open, and many people were jogging around the garden, sun-bathing on the benches or playing with small boats in the fountain. Then we headed to Trocadero to watch the sunset on the Eiffel tower. It was a great view from Trocadero to see the tower, and a beautiful park in itself too with big fountains. We went to eat in a nearby restaurant, L’italien, that was on a small street. There were only locals at the restaurant and even us they asked if we lived in the suburb (since they hadn’t seen us before I guess). It was nice practicing our French with the friendly waiter. The food and service was excellent, and not too pricey. After eating well, we went back to Trocadero to watch the light show at Eiffel tower, which is every hour at night. Very romantic…

The next day we had solely reserved for visiting Versailles. Deb had been a couple of times in Paris already before, but she had never visited the palace. It was well worth the visit, although it took the whole day. We were lucky that we had booked tickets online beforehand and arrived a bit before they opened at 9am, since the queues soon became very long. We were told some wait even 3 or 4 hours to get in. We were lucky to be one of the first ones to enter and got nice pictures of the palace without too much crowds. It’s an amazing place, and hard to believe that one guy and his family would have owned something like that..! The interior of the palace is lavish, very detailed, and it’s huge: 2,300 rooms! The art inside is like in the Vatican museum! There are also a couple of more buildings which were for other members of the family, guards and so on, and even those are impressive. And all the land and roads that connects everything together is vast! The garden of Versailles is impressive with its fine cut grass, plants, statues and numerous fountains. It’s really an unbelievable place, and makes me think if there is anyone nowadays that could have such an impressive empire. No wonder the French people didn’t like how their tax money was used to support the lifestyle of their king, and thus the French robbed most of the palace in the French Revolution. For example, the throne of the king is not there anymore..

We came back to Paris, rested our feet, and enjoyed some more people-watching at the cafés. Then soon we were back in Belgium.

I would consider visiting Paris again, perhaps during a different season next time!

At the top of Sacré Coeur View of Paris from Sacré Coeur Sacré Coeur Café  Face twister candy! Champs-Elysées Louvre Notre Dame  At Odette Jardin de Luxembourg  Paris, baby!  à L'italien  Versailles Versailles Hall of Mirrors Resting feet at Versailles Thalys bullet train Brussels - Paris

Greetings from Belgium

Belgia, Ranska - 22.6.2018 16:27

Where the beer is strong and the chocolate is dark. There were bras hanging from the window. In black, yellow, and red. We are in Belgium! It’s the football World Cup, and you can see it on the streets. Lots of houses have put something with the country’s colors out on display.

We are staying here with Deb’s parents. Enjoying the good life of not having to worry about cooking or cleaning. So far the time here has been filled with many administrative tasks in the bank and seeing the doctor and dentist. It’s becoming the ultimate health check. Firstly, because Switzerland health care has been too expensive, and secondly because we are going to live in the wild starting from September. Yes, we have just signed the contract with Medair to work in the Democratic Republic of Congo! It’s very exciting and we are looking forward to the mission.

I was able to visit Brussels for the first time when we met there with my friend Joonas who is working in the Finnish Embassy for the summer. I really like the city, its old buildings, historical and beautiful monuments and lively streets. Of course, great beer everywhere as well. I’ve taken a challenge to try as many different beers here as I can. But I think I have to come again, since there are more than 3,000 of them.

We went to Atomium, which is a landmark in the area. It was built for the ’58 World Expo that was held in Brussels. It’s an impressive structure, and must have felt like something from the future when it was built. 40 Million people came to visit it in the World Expo.

Belgium was a significant battle ground in the First World War. We learned more about it in the World War museum in Ypres, which was destroyed but then rebuilt after the war. Just to be bombed again in the Second World War. That’s hard to understand. How come people allow such destruction and suffering, especially so soon after the First World War, which would not have been forgotten about by then. We watched the remembrance ceremony in Ypres, held by the British every day at 8pm. I was surprised by the amount of people, there were busloads of them. We also visited another memoire in a park, where they have built a touching monument for the 600,000 people who died in the area. On our way to Dunkirk we also stopped at a remarkable cemetery at Tyne, where 12,000 soldiers were buried. I was impressed and happy to see that those killed in the war are being honored in such a way. I don’t really know if we have something similar in Finland regarding our war with Russia.. museums and monuments, I mean. My experience and understanding of the war became more concrete after this visit, and it will be interesting to visit the Second World War museum in Pearl Harbor!

We still have more than a week here before we head out to Thailand. We are going to meet with more friends, try more beers, watch more football, and even visit Paris, which will be the first visit for me in the French capital! Right now, I’m looking forward to going to the movies tonight, and throwing a wedding party tomorrow for the friends and family from Belgium who were not able to attend our wedding in Switzerland!

Welcome lunch in Leuven with Marieta and Jeff Be welcome to BrusselsAtomium Looking for MagritteGood! The famous monument of Brussels - Manneken PissFor equality Dans la grande placeHandsome guy. Joonas looks good too ;) Artisanal beers in Delirium Cafe with Joonas Lunch in Ypres  Memorial for the 600,000 killed in Belgium during WWI Bluff perspectives One evening in Ypres Mmm... mussels, they were so fresh, so delicious! Trying out the Ypres rally podium Memorial for those in Tyne  World War II, Dunkirk Just like in the movie England was still too far a swim

Greetings from the North

Norja, Suomi - 17.6.2018 12:14

Our time in the North has been very memorable; we have met with lovely people and seen beautiful scenery. Our batteries have been recharged in the midnight sun – it’s incredible how awake you feel when it’s always bright outside!

Let me tell a couple of stories of our travels above the Arctic Circle after we left Seinäjoki, where we met with the big family from my mum’s side. By the way, it seems like updating the blog is remaining my responsibility, while my wife is editing our video material. You can find the link and password to a nice video of our Scandinavia tour at the end of this post.

So, after a 6 hours train ride from Seinäjoki to Rovaniemi, which Deb used for editing videos, we arrived and, as usual, my grandpa was there to meet us at the train station. It was a joyful reunion, and even though Deb doesn’t speak Finnish and my grandparents don’t speak English they get well along, communicating by expressions and gestures. It’s always a relaxing time when we go to our grandparents. They take such good care making sure we put on at least a couple of kgs before we leave! My grandma had made the delicious cloudberry cake she usually makes when we visit. We told them about our wedding and showed pictures and videos of it. As they couldn’t come to Switzerland, we also showed them videos of our life over there so they could see the environment we have been living in.

Life at grandparents is simple and stressless. My grandpa had lost a tooth so he took his teeth for repair. However, time flew by as he was singing songs to us, without his upper teeth, that he forgot to pick up his teeth from the dentist before they closed. But he just laughed about it and said that “well, I think I will just eat porridge for breakfast tomorrow!”. He’s so funny. They had moved to a new apartment, which was really nice and just around the corner from Eetu and Paula, friends I met while studying in Helsinki. They had since moved to study and work in Rovaniemi, together with their Lapland dog, Milli. We went to visit them and spent a nice evening catching up, eating pizza, and playing board games! It was really nice seeing them again!

Although Rovaniemi is already at the Arctic Circle you can still drive much further north. So we did. Deb’s friend, Lise, from Mercy Ships lives in Hammerfest, so my grandpa offered us his car to drive and visit her in the northernmost town, which was still 650km further north from Rovaniemi. As we didn’t have so much time before going back to Helsinki, and we wanted to still spend more time with my grandparents, we could only spend one night in Hammerfest. But we did it anyway, 9hrs of driving there on Tuesday, and 9hrs of driving back on Wednesday. The good thing is that the sun doesn’t set for couple of months so it’s bright all the time, which makes driving that much less tiring and less dangerous. Those roads in Lapland are great, empty, wide open and straight! The only danger there are reindeer, and the police if they catch you enjoying the empty roads a bit too much. However, we didn’t experience problems with either of them. Hammerfest is the last ice free port on the coast, so they have built a big gas production facility over there. Apparently there are hundreds of kilometers of pipes from the station going to the gas sources in the arctic sea. And the vessel transporting the gas to its destinations is worth millions. We saw the station and the ship, as we hiked up some of the mountains in Hammerfest.

It’s a very barren environment, so far up north that there are no trees growing. So that makes you think it’s cold. A couple of weeks ago it was +25, and when we visited it was a solid +4 degrees. The weather up there is unpredictable; we saw sun, rain, hail, snow, and rainbows all in one hour. It’s quite a harsh environment, but it’s pretty as well. It’s so remote! They have a small airport but it’s not uncommon that flights are cancelled due to difficult weather conditions. Sometimes the only way to escape the island is by boat, as the roads can be blocked by avalanche. Lise has been living there for a couple of years, working in the hospital. Besides the people working at Statoil, the others are mainly the hospital staff, in the town of 10k habitants. If you take into account the number of reindeer living on the island, I think the population may be doubled.

My dare in Hammerfest was to swim in the sea, the ice cold sea. I’ve never seen sea water so clear. It’s not that I was too hot because of the sunshine, but it was just one of those things on the bucket list, ice bucket list.. I did it just in the beginning of our way back to Rovaniemi, so I was definitely awake for the drive! It wasn’t really swimming, it was more like panicking in the water. Also, as my grandpa said, the beaches up there are not so good. So it was basically just a rocky shore and I tried not to hurt myself while dipping into the freezing salt water. My watch showed the water to be +8 degrees, but it still didn’t feel warmer than the air that was a stable +4.

The drive back to Rovaniemi was beautiful. On our way to Hammerfest we drove through Ivalo and saw the big lake Inari. We arrived to the sea sooner and those views were nice, but I still preferred our way back on the west side through Alta and Enontekiö. The scenery changed a lot, we went through plains with no trees, along beautiful rivers, and then reached the tree line but still stayed high up from where we could see the forests and river down in the valley. Then drove in the valley next to beautiful mountain lakes and through narrow gorges. The forest became thicker but remained still very low, as the growth season in the north is short. Gradually the forest became taller and more variable, as we reached the border of Finland again.

For the last couple of days in Lapland we went with my grandparents to their cottage, which is quite remote, in the woods, by a lake. That’s a place where you can hear no sound. It’s quite amazing to be so deep in nature. There we stayed one night, watched the World Cup, piled some wood outside to dry for the next season and filled the shed with firewood for this season, helped my grandparents to put the jetty on the water for swimming, warmed up the sauna and went swimming. Then the next day it was time to say goodbye to my grandparents, as we flew back to Helsinki.

As we arrived in Helsinki, we went to my sister’s place to help her build a sofa bed she had bought. (making good use of her brother being in town..) She made dinner for us so it was a fair trade, hehe! The next day we met with my friends Kalle, Ida, Joonas, and Pauliina at Kippis Festival in Helsinki. It was a beautiful sunny day to enjoy live music, artisanal beers and burgers, and great seeing good friends! From the festival we went to Shotti Baari to play some shot roulette, a game that sounded so fun I had to try it and take others with me to this small and shady bar. We raised the bar, quite literally, and went next to the terrace on top of Torni, from where you have nice views over Helsinki in the sun set. I got to try the world’s best gin, Napue, from Finland. It looked very arctic with ice cubes, rosemary, and cranberries. On the terrace I happened to meet my friend Petri, whom I’ve known the longest, for over 20 years now! So it was a happy coincidence. That whole evening was a very nice ending for our time in Finland.

From this link you can watch the video of our tour in Scandinavia: https://vimeo.com/275492299

Password: 1205

Now, the time has come to move on to the next destination, Belgium, here we come!


Our wheels to Rovaniemi With Ukki Cloudberry cake Visiting Eetu, Paula and Milli On the road 18hrs in two days  Norway, baby! With Lise in Hammerfest View of Hammerfest Apero Polar bear beware!Last kiss? Cold cold cold!I am Thor! Back to Finland Ukki can still chop wood in his old days, but we helped him pile them. Nice little activities at the cottage. Wood for the winter With Mummi and Ukki Karelia stew Standing on the successfully installed jetty on the lake  The old poet Our next destination! See you again! My sister's apartment got new furniture! Summer princess At Kippis Festival with Ida, Kalle and Joonas Good times in Helsinki Shot roulette Found this Teddy Bear on top of Helsinki Quality drinks See you next time in Congo?

Meeting friends and family in Finland

Suomi - 10.6.2018 15:23

Since coming back from Sweden we have been actively meeting my friends and family in Finland. It’s been really good connecting with all of them!

We’ve also carried with us our polaroid camera and wedding guestbook and filled it with pictures and stories of the friends and family we’ve been meeting during the trip, a nice memory!

I’m so proud of my wife as she’s met every day with new people. And yesterday we met with the cousins, uncles and aunts from my mother’s side, 42 all in all, at a cottage we had rented by a lake in Western Finland, “Pohjanmaa” to celebrate my sister’s graduation and our wedding. Most of them didn’t speak English but we talked to all of them, and had sauna together. We also swam in the lake which was pretty chilly, but I’m so proud of Papi since she stayed the longest in the lake and sauna with me, and we did many times the normal sauna as well as the smoke sauna, with “vihta” that is a bunch of birch branches we use to “gently” beat ourselves with in the sauna, creating a nice aroma and it’s good for the body too! We ate traditional Finnish foods such as salmon soup and rye bread, and after the sauna we had different sausages cooked in the barbecue. We did some singing as well and my relatives were very impressed seeing me dancing as we showed some videos and photos from our wedding in Switzerland.

It was good spending time with family, as we see each other with such big group only once in 10 years or so. A lot had happened since I last saw them. Many had got married, they had kids, bought a house.. It was like getting to know them again. We spent Friday with my cousins Laura and Tuomas and their family at their house, watching videos of “Finnish prom” that Laura had attended, discussing and eating good food. There is too much good food on this trip, I’m gaining weight! But that’s because we can’t buy souvenirs as our luggage is full.. so we enjoy good food instead. We discovered how my aunt and uncle had met each other and it was thanks to this Finnish country side custom “rinki”. It means driving rounds around the town again and again, sometimes parking for a bit, maybe popping loud music, and the goal is to see if there happen to be any friends around in town or some interesting people to get to know to. So they were both on the rinki, “chasing” each other, and finally stopped their cars next to each other and started chatting. That’s how it started.

Funnily, as we were walking around the town of Seinäjoki today, I heard a familiar voice saying “hey!”; I turned around and saw that two of my cousins were there, they were on the rinki. As there was no traffic, I went to talk to them on the road and we agreed to go for a coffee nearby. That was a nice break, just a relaxed hour before our train to Lapland, where we are on our way to meet my grandparents and friends for a few days.

Meeting with Jyri (previous housemate) and Raimo (priest/squashmate) at Naughty BRGR in Helsinki Meeting with Miikka (uni friend) and Iina  Flamed salmon glamping with Mika in Nuuksio   Staying at Laura and Tuomas’ house Family in Finland Family from mom’s side Sauna, olut ja vihtaFreeezing  Some gents we found on the Rinki!

Greetings from Sweden

Ruotsi - 5.6.2018 16:06

We had a really nice couple of days in Stockholm together with my cousin’s family. It was great to see their baby, Aurora, the first baby I’ve seen from my cousins’ children. She is so cute and full of life!

We walked around Stockholm and my cousin was our tour guide showing us the sights. Funny thing but I think our favorite visit was to Spotify where the husband of my cousin works. That was out of this world! I would never leave work, if I was single and working at Spotify! We were very impressed.

We also visited the Greenpeace office where my cousin works, and that was cool as well! Seems like the working hours are very flexible here in Sweden, and people don’t seem too stressed about work. It is here where they tried 6 hour working days and I think the results were good. Another thing we noticed was that all the public toilets we visited were “all gender” toilets. I heard that the military service is now mandatory for all genders as well. So, life seems very equal here.

Djurgården was nice and quiet, and had interesting boats we could visit. Södermalm was a very nice area too, and much less touristy than downtown or old town Stockholm. Also we found a really great restaurant called Hermans, that served a delicious veggie buffet!

Now we are off to flight no. 2 out of 18!


Greetings from Finland

Ruotsi, Suomi - 4.6.2018 09:30

Hello world!

We have been witnessing the Finnish summer that is incredible when it lasts for more than a Tuesday afternoon! We’ve had such good fresh food, hot sauna, refreshing swimming in the lake, and the world’s best strawberries. I might be biased, but still.

Last evening we took the boat to Sweden. Beautiful sailing through the archipelagos. Today we will meet my cousin in Stockholm!


The day when everything’s still ahead

Sveitsi - 1.6.2018 16:13

It is with great excitement we are starting our journey! We have been waiting for this day to arrive, and it’s finally here, the three months vacation is now! Feels very good, no stress no worries, just us :)

Switzerland is sending us off with great weather. We went to the lake this morning to enjoy this paradise for the last time for a while. It truly is beautiful! The lake, the mountains.. and the friends we have are very dear, we’ll miss all of that at some points I’m sure. But we’ll have new experiences and learnings as we go, and “add value” again in the next place wherever it is.

We are on our way to the Geneva airport, then off to Helsinki. It’s been unusually HOT in the northern part of Europe for quite a few weeks already. Mmm, maybe the strawberries are ripe already then! Looking forward to the loooong northern evenings!

We’ve been spending a lot of time at the self storage lately. Our stuff will be safe here for a while. 


Stop and Go!

Sveitsi - 30.5.2018 20:18

Hello World,

Not so long ago I made a change by switching from writing in Finnish to writing in English. Now I’m about to make another change, switching from writing about me to writing about us!

My wife and I got married here in Switzerland just a couple of weeks ago. It was surely the happiest day of my life! One to remember, really, just like we had hoped for it to be, and actually even better because of some great surprises. The day was intimate, sincere, full of emotions and laughter. The word to describe it all and the feelings would be “blessed”. We are so grateful. It was worth all the preparation and hard work, which is also part of the wonderful memory of the day.

We didn’t stop there. Today was the “check-out” from our apartment. We have been packing and cleaning for the past three days, fortunately it was worth the back pain, since the apartment is in such a condition that we can leave without any penalties. As people usually do, we also go on a honeymoon after the wedding. Leaving the day after tomorrow, actually! The only thing is that we are gone for three months, and we won’t have an apartment during that time, so we will be a bit like vagabonds. So that’s why we needed to organize a lot of stuff for our departure, but it’s all done now and we’re just looking forward to taking off, and switching off!

Well, actually we will still be working on something; job hunting that is. There are some options in different organizations in different countries, and we are still figuring out what would be the right direction for us. Hopefully we’d know it sooner rather than later so we won’t have to worry about it during the trip.

So, the plan is to travel the first month in Europe visiting Finland, Sweden, Norway, Belgium, and France. Then we head out to Thailand, Australia, US, Canada, and Iceland, before returning back to Europe. You can read about our whereabouts and howabouts here. I am excited to start writing the blog again, together with my wife this time!