We have arrived in Goma

After an interesting journey from Geneva to Goma via Brussels and Rwanda we have arrived. Our flight to Brussels was late so once at the airport we had only 20 minutes before the flight to Kigali would leave. The crew on the first flight told us to go to the Brussels airlines info desk and we ran there but waiting in the line would have taken more than 20 minutes so we decided to run back to the other end of the terminal to our departure gate. We arrived all sweaty and 40 minutes after the boarding time but the plane was still there 10 minutes before departure time waiting for us. So at least we made it to the flight! However, they told us that our luggage from Geneva wouldn’t make it, so we started calling to inform that we needed to stay another night in Kigali waiting for our luggage to arrive. That was quite a bummer!

About 9 hours later when we arrived in Kigali we found our luggage to be among the first ones on the belt. What a miracle! We were so happy to see it there and not having to go through the claim process.

We had to stay the night in a hotel anyway. The hotel was good and everything went well, it was a beautiful morning when we woke up for a new day in Africa. Only at a gas station on our way to Congo did we find ourselves in a misunderstanding! We were in the wrong taxi! The guy had the same name and arrived at the time our booked taxi driver was supposed to arrive, and was going to the same destination. However, he wanted 3 times more money for the taxi trip that we had foreseen. We thought he was trying to rip us off, so we started calling people and it took quite a while before we realized he wasn’t actually our taxi driver! Anyway, our actual taxi driver called another guy to pick us up and drive us to the border for the price we had foreseen. I guess our actual taxi didn’t show up in the morning because he was expecting us to leave the next day.. but we didn’t have to wait for our luggage in the end, so!

So then it was almost all good, except our taxi had an accident being squeezed between a truck and a police car in a corner, but as my dear wife said, TIA. This is Africa. Oh and at the border we were stuck because we had forgotten some papers and they wouldn’t let us in even though we had the visas. But then we waited for someone to bring papers from the office to the border and it was all good, our temperature was taken and we washed our hands, declared no ebola and got in!

Breakfast in Kigali

Colourful AfricaView of the Kivu lake from where we stay in Goma.Arrived at Medair officeSo excited to start working here!

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