Last days before the take off to the World Tour

Alankomaat, Belgia - 1.7.2018 18:29

Before and after Paris we also had good times in around Belgium and the Netherlands. This included our fourth wedding celebration (civil and church wedding parties in Switzerland, party in Finland and now in Belgium), not the celebration of our fourth wedding but the fourth celebration of our wedding..! We entertained a crowd of some 30+ people with a grande dessert buffet, photoshoot, videoshows, there was even a great speech, and we did some dancing too. It was a fun event and at least by now I have the approval of my wife’s friends and family, I hope, since I met most of them this time.

The next day after the wedding celebration we were invited by Deb’s Pakistani friends for a brunch. I love these people. I met them at Christmas too. They are so warm and welcoming, I almost feel part of their family too. We had a great breakfast together and the whole big family was there. After the breakfast we continued to a huge playground/open air museum in Bokrijk where we enjoyed the swings and climbing like we were children again. But we went there for Deb’s goddaughter, right. It was also good fun trying out old school toys and games and see the typical life style of the people living there from the 17th century.

Another highlight was to go and watch the World Cup game between Belgium and England. I had never been to an outdoor event where hundreds of people are gathered like that to watch a game and support their team, it was a great atmosphere, and even better since Belgium won! We went there together with Deb’s (and now mine too, hehe) friends Gio, Aliya and Sharon.

We also did a one day visit to nearby Maastricht in Holland. It was a nice lively town with the Maas river running through it. They had turned an old church into a book store because they had too many churches in that area. It was an interesting concept but I wasn’t used to it. Crossing the border from Belgium to Holland was simple. I didn’t even see a border but the road signs were different so that’s how we knew.

Time in Belgium flew by! We had a really nice time there with Deb’s family, they took such good care of us. We were able to relax by going to the movies twice, barbecuing, watching football and sleeping well!

Now, however, the intercontinental travel begins. We will head out to Thailand after spending a stop over day in Kiev first. We’ll keep you posted!

Finally, here’s a video Deb made of our time in and around Belgium:

Password: 1205

 The crew of the fourth wedding party Meet Gio, the dance choreographer Arisha, Deb's Goddaughter Swinging with Arisha Bokrijk Belgium-England, 1-0! RailbikingBeertasting at Leffe BBQ   Farewell breakfast in Hasselt

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