1 day in Kiev

Ukraina - 1.7.2018 19:20

At first I was wondering why we needed to go through passport control when leaving Brussels in the morning. Even when we arrived in Ukraine I happily kept my mobile data on. I knew they didn’t use the Euro but not every EU country does anyway. Wait a second, we had to go through passport control again and this time we got our passports stamped. Hey, Ukraine isn’t part of the EU? I found out while enjoying my mobile data, which was soon turned off.

It was rather easy to get to down town Kiev from the airport. The tourist info at the airport was very friendly, as were other people we met while in Ukraine. We took the skybuss from the airport to Kharviska (or something) for 2€ and then a metro to Zoloty Vorota for 30cents. All in all it took about an hour and the busses and metros are frequent.

In Kiev we saw a mixture of old and new, local and international. There are some really trendy cafes run by young local people. We had an amazing breakfast at the Blue Cup, where staff was very friendly and spoke English. Common to a previously Soviet country, there are impressive monuments and buildings around. We visited them at the Maidan square where there is the monument of independence. That is also the place where a well known demonstration took place in 2013, where the people protested the president from moving politically closer to Russia than the EU. Since, the president was changed and Ukraine is taking steps towards becoming an EU member.

Perhaps the most impressive in Kiev were the numerous big churches. We visited the nice and shiny bright blue St Michael’s church, St Andrew’s church in front of which they were filming an episode of Ukrainien Masterchef, and the iconic St Sophia’s Cathedral and its Bell tower.

Kiev and its people were nice, and definitely worth the visit if you have a long stop over. Especially the food and service we had in the couple of cafes we stayed was really good, and put us on a good mood!

St Michael  Master Chef at St Andrew  St Sophia Golden Gates  Maidan 

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