The day when everything’s still ahead

Sveitsi - 1.6.2018 16:13

It is with great excitement we are starting our journey! We have been waiting for this day to arrive, and it’s finally here, the three months vacation is now! Feels very good, no stress no worries, just us :)

Switzerland is sending us off with great weather. We went to the lake this morning to enjoy this paradise for the last time for a while. It truly is beautiful! The lake, the mountains.. and the friends we have are very dear, we’ll miss all of that at some points I’m sure. But we’ll have new experiences and learnings as we go, and “add value” again in the next place wherever it is.

We are on our way to the Geneva airport, then off to Helsinki. It’s been unusually HOT in the northern part of Europe for quite a few weeks already. Mmm, maybe the strawberries are ripe already then! Looking forward to the loooong northern evenings!

We’ve been spending a lot of time at the self storage lately. Our stuff will be safe here for a while. 


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