Greetings from Sweden

Ruotsi - 5.6.2018 16:06

We had a really nice couple of days in Stockholm together with my cousin’s family. It was great to see their baby, Aurora, the first baby I’ve seen from my cousins’ children. She is so cute and full of life!

We walked around Stockholm and my cousin was our tour guide showing us the sights. Funny thing but I think our favorite visit was to Spotify where the husband of my cousin works. That was out of this world! I would never leave work, if I was single and working at Spotify! We were very impressed.

We also visited the Greenpeace office where my cousin works, and that was cool as well! Seems like the working hours are very flexible here in Sweden, and people don’t seem too stressed about work. It is here where they tried 6 hour working days and I think the results were good. Another thing we noticed was that all the public toilets we visited were “all gender” toilets. I heard that the military service is now mandatory for all genders as well. So, life seems very equal here.

Djurgården was nice and quiet, and had interesting boats we could visit. Södermalm was a very nice area too, and much less touristy than downtown or old town Stockholm. Also we found a really great restaurant called Hermans, that served a delicious veggie buffet!

Now we are off to flight no. 2 out of 18!


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