Stop and Go!

Sveitsi - 30.5.2018 20:18

Hello World,

Not so long ago I made a change by switching from writing in Finnish to writing in English. Now I’m about to make another change, switching from writing about me to writing about us!

My wife and I got married here in Switzerland just a couple of weeks ago. It was surely the happiest day of my life! One to remember, really, just like we had hoped for it to be, and actually even better because of some great surprises. The day was intimate, sincere, full of emotions and laughter. The word to describe it all and the feelings would be “blessed”. We are so grateful. It was worth all the preparation and hard work, which is also part of the wonderful memory of the day.

We didn’t stop there. Today was the “check-out” from our apartment. We have been packing and cleaning for the past three days, fortunately it was worth the back pain, since the apartment is in such a condition that we can leave without any penalties. As people usually do, we also go on a honeymoon after the wedding. Leaving the day after tomorrow, actually! The only thing is that we are gone for three months, and we won’t have an apartment during that time, so we will be a bit like vagabonds. So that’s why we needed to organize a lot of stuff for our departure, but it’s all done now and we’re just looking forward to taking off, and switching off!

Well, actually we will still be working on something; job hunting that is. There are some options in different organizations in different countries, and we are still figuring out what would be the right direction for us. Hopefully we’d know it sooner rather than later so we won’t have to worry about it during the trip.

So, the plan is to travel the first month in Europe visiting Finland, Sweden, Norway, Belgium, and France. Then we head out to Thailand, Australia, US, Canada, and Iceland, before returning back to Europe. You can read about our whereabouts and howabouts here. I am excited to start writing the blog again, together with my wife this time!